Looking for my tutorial papers on super learning or double robust machine learning with targeted maximum likelihood estimation (TMLE)? They are available open access online: super learning for prediction and TMLE for causal effect estimation (coauthored with Schuler), both published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

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Undergraduate Students

Why should you study statistics? What can you do with a degree in statistics? Check out the embedded video from This is Statistics. The employment outlook for PhD holders in statistics and biostatistics is also especially bright.

Summer Programs

Interested in graduate school for (bio)statistics, machine learning, bioinformatics, genomics, health policy, or health services research? Consider applying to these summer programs to learn more:

 Visiting 2016 SPBCB summer undergraduates present the research they worked on with me.

Visiting 2016 SPBCB summer undergraduates present the research they worked on with me.

 Visiting 2017 SPBCB and FACETS summer undergraduates after their research presentation.

Visiting 2017 SPBCB and FACETS summer undergraduates after their research presentation.

Post-Bachelor Fellowship programs may also be of interest, such as the fellowship at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Graduate Students

NIH has a predoctoral funding program for individual scholars. Current doctoral students are eligible to apply.

The NSF has a Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) that provides considerable funding for successful applicants. Potential fellows can begin applying during their final year of undergraduate training. First year graduate students also remain eligible for the NSF GRFP.

Deciding between academia, industry, and government for your post-graduation plans? Check out the ASA's annual internship listing to sample another sector over the summer.

Consider applying for Joint Statistical Meetings student travel awards, the Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship, and the Lingzi Lu Memorial Award. Two dissertation fellowship programs include the Josephine De Karman Fellowship Trust and the AAUW American Fellowships Program. Your university likely has internal awards as well, and your program coordinator may be able to give you more information.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Both NIH and NSF have PI-level fellowships appropriate for postdoctoral scholars who work in the statistical sciences. The Amstat News recently published several interviews on federal funding for postdoctoral scholars, including my experience as an NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow.


There are a number of conferences, meetings, and workshops focused on diversity, including the Field of Dreams ConferenceSACNAS National Conference, StatFestNational Center for Faculty Development and Diversity WorkshopsASA Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference, Women in Data Science Conference, and the Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference.

Additionally, the Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational BiologyFACETS Program, and SUMR Program discussed above recruit only students from underrepresented backgrounds.

The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences has mentoring and graduate application programs, among their other initiatives (including the Field of Dreams Conference).


Harvard Students

Advising and Health (including counseling and mental health) resources are available online.

Job Seeking

I found the job listings at the ASA, University of Florida Department of Statistics, and Florida State University Department of Statistics to be the most helpful during my job search for 2013. They post academic, industry, and government positions from bachelor's to PhD level. There are many other sites.

The Chronicle of Higher Education forum has two useful job boards: Job-Seeking Experiences and The Interview Process. There are threads with answers to standard questions as well as more nuanced issues.

I wrote a guest article for Simply Statistics on Navigating Big Data Careers with a Statistics PhD.

Policy Fellowships

These unique opportunities recruit both new PhDs and experienced mid-career scientists. The AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship has programmatic areas in "Health, Education & Human Services" and a new initiative in "Big Data & Analytics," among others. The California Council on Science and Technology has a similar fellowship that integrates scholars into the California Legislature.

Early Career Faculty & Academic Careers

Great article from Professor Radhika Nagpal (Harvard) on tenure-track life. 

Career advice for academics from Robert Sternberg (Cornell).

The Effort Report is a podcast discussing the details of academic life in a school of public health or medical school.