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S. Bergquist*, T. McGuire, T. Layton, S. Rose+. Sample selection for Medicare risk adjustment due to systematically missing data, conditionally accepted.

S. Rose, T. McGuire. Limitations of p-values and R-squared for stepwise regression building: A fairness demonstration in health policy risk adjustment, revise & resubmit. [arXiv:1803.05513]
   Discussed by 3M Health Information Systems

G. Ezaz, D. Leffler, S. Beach, R. Schoen, S. Crockett, R. Gourevitch, S. Rose, M. Morris, D. Carrell, J. Greer, A. Mehrotra. Do personality differences explain variation in physician adenoma detection rates? revise & resubmit.

M. Nakamura, S. Toomey, A. Zaslavsky, C. Petty, C. Lin, G. Savova, S. Rose, M. Brittan, J. Lin, M. Bryant, S. Ashrafzadeh, M. Schuster. Potential impact of initial clinical data on adjustment of pediatric readmission rates, revise & resubmit.

S. Rose. Stacked propensity score functions for observational cohorts with oversampled exposed subjects, under review. [arXiv:1805.07684]

S. Bergquist*, T. Layton, T. McGuire, S. Rose+. Intervening on the Data to Improve the Performance of Health Plan Payment Methods, under review. [NBER Working Paper #24491]

G. Brooks, S. Bergquist, M.B. Landrum, S. Rose+, N. Keating+. Classifying lung cancer stage from health care claims: Comparison of a clinical algorithm and a machine learning approach, under review.

A. McDowell*, A. Progovac, B.L. Cook, S. Rose+. Estimating the population characteristics and health status of privately insured individuals with gender minority-related diagnoses, under review.

J. Chen, M. Chernew, A.M. Fendrick, J. Thompson, S. Rose. The impact of episode-based payment on procedure volume varies across procedures, under review.

S. Adhikari, S. Rose, S.L. Normand. Nonparametric Bayesian instrumental variable analysis: Evaluating heterogenous effects of arterial access sites for opening blocked blood vessels, under review. [arXiv:1804.08055]

H. Huskamp, A. Busch, J. Souza, L. Uscher-Pines, S. Rose, A. Wilcock, B. Landon, A. Mehrotra. How is telemedicine being used for opioid and other substance use disorders? under review.



S. Rose (2018). Machine learning for prediction in electronic health data. JAMA Network Open, 1(4):e181404. [Link
   Press coverage in Politico

S. Rose, S.L. Normand (2018). Double robust estimation for multiple unordered treatments and clustered observations: Evaluating drug-eluting coronary artery stents. Biometrics. Advance online publication. doi:10.1111/biom.12927. [PDF]

C. Carroll*, M. Chernew, A.M. Fendrick, J. Thompson, S. Rose+ (2018). Effects of episode-based payment on health care spending and utilization: Evidence from perinatal care in Arkansas. Journal of Health Economics, 61:47-62. [Link] [Earlier NBER Working Paper Version]
   Featured in NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health

M. Barnett, Z. Song, A. Bitton, S. Rose, B. Landon (2018). Gatekeeping and patterns of outpatient care post-health care reform. American Journal of Managed Care, in press.

L. Gilstrap, A. Mehrotra, B. Bai, S. Rose, R. Blair, M. Chernew (2018). National rates of initiation and intensification of antidiabetic therapy among patients with commercial insurance. Diabetes Care. Advance online publication. doi:10.2337/dc17-2585. [Link]

S. Rose (2018). Robust machine learning variable importance analyses of medical conditions for health care spending. Health Services Research. Advance online publication. doi:10.1111/1475-6773.12848. [PDF]

S. Crockett, R. Gourevitch, M. Morris, D. Carrell, S. Rose, Z. Shi, J. Greer, R. Schoen, A. Mehrotra (2018). Endoscopist factors that influence serrated polyp detection: A multi-center study. Endoscopy. Advance online publication. doi:10.1055/a-0597-1740. [Link]

R. Gourevitch, S. Rose, S. Crockett, M. Morris, D. Carrell, J. Greer, R. Pai, R. Schoen, A. Mehrotra (2018). Variation in pathologist classification of colorectal adenomas and serrated polyps. American Journal of Gastroenterology, 113:431-39. [PDF]

C. Lee, S. Haneuse, H.L. Wang, S. Rose, S. Spellman, M. Verneris, K. Hsu, K. Fleischhauer, S. Lee, R. Abdi (2018). Prediction of acute graft-versus-host disease following hematopoietic cell transplantation. PLoS One, 13(1):e0190610. [Link]

A. Shrestha*, S. Bergquist*, E. Montz, S. Rose+ (2018). Mental health risk adjustment with clinical categories and machine learning. Health Services Research, 53(S1):3189-3206. [PDF]

A.J. Rosellini*, F. Dussaillant, J. Zubizarreta, R. Kessler, S. Rose+ (2018). Predicting posttraumatic stress disorder following a natural disaster. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 96:15-22. [Link]
   Press coverage in Psychology Today

A. Mehrotra, M. Morris, R. Gourevitch, D. Carrell, D. Leffler, S. Rose, J. Greer, S. Crockett, A. Baer, R. Schoen (2018). Physician characteristics associated with higher adenoma detection rate. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 87(3):778-86. [Link]

F. Mateen, E. McKenzie, S. Rose+ (2018). Medical schools in fragile states: Implications for delivery of care. Health Services Research, 53(3):1335-1348. [PDF]
   Editorial in HSR by Snowden & Muoto

S. Bergquist*, G. Brooks, N. Keating, M.B. Landrum, S. Rose+ (2017). Classifying lung cancer severity with ensemble machine learning in health care claims data. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 68:25-38. [PDF]
   Project Website:
   Video summary: Talks@12: Data Science & Medicine (21:38-28:52)

A. Sinaiko, T. Layton, S. Rose, T. McGuire (2017). Implications of family risk pooling for individual health insurance markets. Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 17(3):219-36. [Link]

M. Barnett, Z. Song, S. Rose, A. Bitton, M. Chernew, B. Landon (2017). Insurance transitions and changes in physician and emergency department utilization: An observational study. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 32(10):1146-55. [Link]
   Editorial in JGIM by Dworsky

S. Rose, S. Bergquist*, T. Layton (2017). Computational health economics for identification of unprofitable health care enrollees. Biostatistics, 18(4):682-94. [Link][Code]
   Harvard Medical School News: "Deep Dive"
   Video summary: Computational Health Economics

D. Carrell, R. Schoen, D. Leffler, M. Morris, S. Rose, A. Baer, S. Crockett, R. Gourevitch, K. Dean, A. Mehrotra (2017). Challenges in adapting existing clinical natural language processing systems to multiple, diverse healthcare settings. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 24(5):986-91. [Link

A. Mehrotra, H. Huskamp, J. Souza, L. Uscher-Pines, S. Rose, B. Landon, A. Jena, A. Busch (2017). Rapid growth in mental health telemedicine use among Medicare beneficiaries, wide variation across states. Health Affairs, 36(5):909-17. [Link]
   Harvard Medical School News: "Mental Health on the Line"
   Press coverage in Politico

Z. Song, S. Rose, M. Chernew, D. Gelb Safran (2017). Lower versus higher income populations in the Alternative Quality Contract: Improved quality and similar spending. Health Affairs, 36(1):74-82. [Link]
   Harvard Medical School News: "Raising Quality"
   Press coverage in The Boston Globe, WBUR, AJMC

M. Schuler*, S. Rose+ (2017). Targeted maximum likelihood estimation for causal inference in observational studies. American Journal of Epidemiology, 185(1):65-73. [Link]
   Named one of the 2017 AJE Articles of the Year 

J. Spertus, S.L. Normand, R. Wolf, M. Cioffi, A. Lovett, S. Rose+ (2016). Assessing hospital performance after percutaneous coronary intervention using big data. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 9:659-69. [PDF]

S. Rose (2016). A machine learning framework for plan payment risk adjustment. Health Services Research, 51(6):2358-74 . [Link]
   Harvard Medical School News: "Deep Dive"
   Discussed by AHE Blog

E. Montz, T. Layton, A. Busch, R. Ellis, S. Rose, T. McGuire (2016). Risk adjustment simulation: Plans may have incentives to distort mental health and substance use coverage. Health Affairs, 35(6):1022-8. [PDF]
   Harvard Medical School News: "Managing the Marketplace"
   Press briefing video: Behavioral Health, National Press Club (0:04:21-0:11:33)
   Press coverage in AJMC

S. Rose, A. Zaslavsky, J.M. McWilliams (2016). Variation in accountable care organization spending and sensitivity to risk adjustment: Implications for benchmarking. Health Affairs, 35(3):440-8. [Link]
   Featured in official letter to CMS signed by 22 health organizations, AMGA letter
   Discussed by Health Affairs BlogHealthExec, CHSR, The Source

A. Mirelman*, S. Rose, J. Khan, S. Ahmed, D. Peters, L. Niessen, A. Trujillo (2016). The relationship between noncommunicable disease occurrence and poverty: Evidence from demographic surveillance in Matlab, Bangladesh. Health Policy and Planning, 31(6):785-92. [PDF]

S. Rose (2015). Targeted learning for pre-analysis plans in public health and health policy research. Observational Studies, 1:294-306. [PDF]

H. Abdul-Baki, R. Schoen, K. Dean, S. Rose, D. Leffler, E. Kuganeswaran, M. Morris, D. Carrell, A. Mehrotra (2015). Public Reporting of Colonoscopy Quality is Associated with an Increase in Endoscopist Adenoma Detection Rate. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 82(4):676-82. [Link]
   "Editor's Choice" article
   Editorial in GIE by Lieberman & Mascarenhas
   Evaluated by Faculty of 1000

F. Marcondes, K. Dean, R. Schoen, D. Leffler, S. Rose, M. Morris, A. Mehrotra (2015). The Impact of Exclusion Criteria on a Physician’s Adenoma Detection Rate. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 82(4):668-75. [Link]
   Video Interview with GIE
   Editorial in GIE by Lieberman & Mascarenhas

S. Rose, J. Shi, T. McGuire, S.L. Normand (2015). Matching and imputation methods for risk adjustment in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Statistics in Biosciences. Advance online publication. doi:10.1007/s12561-015-9135-7. [PDF]

R. Kessler, C. Warner, C. Ivany, M. Petukhova, S. Rose, E. Bromet, M. Brown, T. Cai, L. Colpe, K. Cox, C. Fullerton, S. Gilman, M. Gruber, S. Heeringa, L. Lewandowski-Romps, J. Li, A. Millikan-Bell, J. Naifeh, M. Nock, A. Rosellini, N. Sampson, M. Schoenbaum, M. Stein, S. Wessely, A. Zaslavsky, R. Ursano (2015). Predicting suicides after psychiatric hospitalization in US Army soldiers. JAMA Psychiatry, 72(1):49-57. [Link]
   Harvard Medical School News
   Press coverage in The New York Times, USA Today, US News, Los Angeles Times

A. Street, S. Gilman, A. Rosellini, M. Stein, E. Bromet, K. Cox, L. Colpe, C. Fullerton, M. Gruber, S. Heeringa, L. Lewandowski-Romps, R. Little, J. Naifeh, M. Nock, N. Sampson, M. Schoenbaum, R. Ursano, A. Zaslavsky, R. Kessler, Army STARRS Collaborators (2015). Understanding the elevated suicide risk of female soldiers during deployments. Psychol Med, 45(4):717-26. [Link]

Z. Song, S. Rose, D. Safran, B. Landon, M. Day, M. Chernew (2014). Changes in health care spending and quality 4 years into global payment. N Engl J Med, 371(18): 1704-14. [Link]
   Video Summary
   Harvard Medical School News: "Four Years In..." and "Health Reform Progress"
   Press coverage in The New York TimesUS NewsThe Boston Globe, AJMCModern Healthcare
   Editorial in NEJM by L.P. Casalino

R. Kessler, S. Rose, K. Koenen, E. Karam, P. Stang, D. Stein, S. Heeringa, E. Hill, I. Liberzon, K. McLaughlin, S. McLean, B. Pennell, M. Petukhova, A. Rossellini, A. Ruscio, V. Shahly, A. Shalev, D. Silove, M. van Ommeren, A. Zaslavsky, M. Angermeyer, E. Bromet, J. Caldas de Almedia, G. de Girolamo, P. de Jonge, K. Demyttenaere, S. Forescu, O. Gureje, J. Haro, H. Hinkov, N. Kawakami, V. Kovess-Masfety, S. Lee, M. Medina-Mora, S. Murphy, F. Navarro-Mateu, M. Piazza, J. Posada-Villa, K. Scott, Y. Torres, M. Viana (2014). How well can post-trauamtic stress disorder be predicted from pre-trauma risk factors? An exploratory study in the WHO World Mental Health Surveys. World Psychiatry, 13(3): 265-74. [PDF]

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H. Wang, Z. Zhang, S. Rose, M.J. van der Laan (2014). A novel targeted learning method for quantitative trait loci mapping. Genetics, 198(4): 1369-76. [PDF]
   "Highlights" article

K. Wardnaar, H. van Loo, T. Cai, M. Fava, M. Gruber, J. Li, P. de Jonge, A. Nierenberg, M. Petukhova, S. Rose, N. Sampson, R. Schoevers, M. Wilcox, J. Alonso, E. Bromet, M. Bunting, S. Florescu, A. Fukao, O. Gureje, C. Hu, Y. Huang, A. Karam, D. Levinson, M. Medina Mora, J. Posada-Villa, K. Scott, N. Taib, M. Viana, M. Xavier, Z. Zarkov, R. Kessler (2014). The effects of comorbidity in defining major depression subtypes associated with long-term course and severity. Psychological Medicine, 44(15):3289-302. [Link]

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S. Rose (2013). Mortality risk score prediction in an elderly population using machine learning. Am J Epidemiol, 177(5):443-452. [PDF
   "Editor's Choice" article
   Press coverage in Slate

H. Wang, S. Rose, M.J. van der Laan (2011). Finding quantitative trait loci genes with collaborative targeted maximum likelihood learning. Stat Probabil Lett, 81(7):792–6. [PDF
   Featured in issue editorial

S. Rose, J. Snowden, K. Mortimer (2011). Rose et al. respond to “G-computation and standardization in epidemiology.” Am J Epidemiol, 173(7):743–4. [PDF]

J. Snowden, S. Rose, K. Mortimer (2011). Implementation of G-Computation on a simulated data set: demonstration of a causal inference technique. Am J Epidemiol, 173(7):731–8. [PDF]  
   Evaluated by Faculty of 1000

S. Rose, M.J. van der Laan (2011). A targeted maximum likelihood estimator for two-stage designs. Int J Biostat, 7(1):17. [PDF
   ASA Statistics in Epidemiology Graduate Student Travel Award

H. Li, H. Grigoryan, W. Funk, S. Lu, S. Rose, E.R. Williams, S.M. Rappaport (2011). Profiling Cys34 adducts of human serum albumin by fixed-step selected reaction monitoring. Mol Cell Proteomics, 10(3):M110.004606. [PDF]

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   "Editor's Choice" article; featured on issue cover
   EMS Award

S. Rose, M. J. van der Laan (2009). Why match? Investigating matched case-control study designs with causal effect estimation. Int J Biostat, 5(1):1. [PDF]

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   Highly accessed

V. Berger, S. Rose (2004). Ensuring the comparability of comparison groups: is randomization enough? Control Clin Trials, 25(5):515–24. [PDF]
   Discussed in Science News


M.J. van der Laan, S. Rose (2018). Targeted Learning in Data Science: Causal Inference for Complex Longitudinal Studies. New York, Springer. 

M.J. van der Laan, S. Rose (2011). Targeted Learning: Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Data. New York, Springer. 

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Book Chapters

R. Ellis, B. Martins, S. Rose (2017). Risk adjustment for health plan payment. In T. McGuire, R. van Kleef, eds. Risk Adjustment, Risk Sharing and Premium Regulation in Health Insurance Markets: Theory and Practice. Elsevier. [Working Paper Version]

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   Press Release
   Amstat News Article


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