Selected Press Coverage of Research

Machines are Getting Better at Predicting When Patients Will Die in Slate

Could Changing the Way Doctors are Paid Help Narrow Health Disparities? in The Boston Globe

Do No Harm? It May Be Hard To Avoid with Health Law's Medicare Cuts in The New York Times

Risk Model Seen as Reducing Military Suicides in The New York Times

Army Developing Methods to Predict Suicide in Soldiers in USA Today

Soldiers Hospitalized for Mental Illness Face Raised Suicide Risk, Study Shows in U.S. News

'Global Budgets' Slow Health Spending, Improve Care in U.S. News

New Health Care Payment Model Lowering Costs in The Boston Globe

Bay State Savings Test Produces Positive Results in Modern Healthcare


Discussed health policy data science at Simply Statistics

Discussed funding opportunities for postdoctoral positions at Amstat News

Quoted regarding the future of university education in the Harvard Gazette

Quoted regarding the future of statistics in Amstat News

Popular Press Articles & Blog Contributions

M.J. van der Laan, S. Rose. Machine learning and statistical inference. Targeted Learning. [Link]

S. Rose. Targeted learning R packages for causal inference and machine learning. Revolution Analytics. [Link]

S. Rose. Navigating big data careers with a statistics PhD. Simply Statistics. [Link]

S. Rose, D. Dunson, T. McCormick, C. Rudin. Four high impact zones in statistical discovery with big data. Fierce Big Data. [Link]

S. Rose. Computational hurdles for big data statistics in health care policy. Statistics Views. [Link]

S. Rose. Statisticians' place in big data. Amstat News. [Link]

S. Rose. Big data and the future. Significance. [PDF]

M.J. van der Laan, S. Rose. Statistics ready for a revolution: Next generation of statisticians must build tools for massive data sets. Amstat News. [Link]

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